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About GTEL


GTEL is an annual forum on the most recent developments, trends, technologies, and practices shaping the future of e-learning. This forum fosters the exchange of knowledge and helps educational personnel address critical issues through innovative solutions and optimal use of available EdTech .

About GTEL

GTEL Objectives

High-quality education

Establish a scientific platform that contributes to providing high-quality, sustainable, and advanced education which can be accessed on a large scale to meet the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.


Promote knowledge-sharing and discover the next significant developments in e-learning.

Advance skills

Advance the skills and knowledge of educational personnel so that they are prepared to enhance and accelerate the digital transformation of education.

Evaluate modern learning

Review and evaluate modern learning methodologies and best practices for e-learning implementation


To present and promote the latest research on e-learning theories, methodologies, and tools.


To gather researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present their work and discuss challenges and opportunities in the field of e-learning.


To showcase futuristic e-learning products and technologies.


To support innovation in education by Saudi entrepreneurs.

1st Annual Forum on Global Trends in E-Learning

GTEL 2022

GTEL 2023

GTEL Themes

With technological advancements impacting every aspect of our lives, educational institutes need to ride the wave of innovation and technology to shape the future of education and satisfy the growing demands for 21st-century skills.
GTEL is an annual forum on the most recent developments, trends, technologies, and practices shaping the future of e-learning. This forum fosters the exchange of knowledge and helps educational personnel address critical issues through innovative solutions and optimal use of available EdTech. GTEL hosts speakers from prestigious institutions and is attended by top international and local policymakers and e-learning leaders. The aim is to create a platform to support the provision of high-quality, sustainable, and widely-accessible learning.

Towards Sustainable E-Learning

New emerging trends driving the evolution of e-learning approaches present questions of sustainability in their design, development, execution, and delivery. Hence, e-learning has become the focus of attention for policymakers and educational personnel who are looking for and focusing on sustainability. This panel explores the best practices leading to a continually growing and healthy digital learning ecosystem in which knowledge is co-created and shared in a community.

Academic Partnerships in E-Learning Environments

E-Learning is multifaceted and requires many parties to form a diversity of learning and teaching strategies; therefore, academic partnerships are a key to achieving a high-quality E-Learning implementation. This panel aimed to identify the structures of partnerships- among universities, academic institutions and research centers to facilitate global student and faculty exchange, joint and dual degree programs, collaborative research, e-learning, and other educational activities

Development of 21st-Century Skills Through E-Learning Systems

The 21st-century skills such as creativity, leadership, and communication are crucial for learners to succeed in the Information Age. This panel discovers methods and technologies that help to integrate such skills into the design, delivery, and curriculum of e-learning systems. Many promising approaches will be discussed such as immersive learning and personalized learning.

E-Learning, E-Teaching, and E-Campus

In traditional educational systems, students participate in extracurricular activities and student clubs while engaging in many on-campus services such as counseling and mentorship. This panel aims to equip teachers with technologies and methods that provide students in e-learning environments with a truly well-rounded educational experience.

E-Learning of STEM: Challenges and Opportunities

Education professionals are pursuing ventures for more technologically-advanced teaching and learning methodologies and tools in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. This panel discusses the design, development, and delivery of STEM disciplines which require particular focus to identify the existing challenges and highlight the promising opportunities to offer optimal solutions.

Digital Transformation of Inclusive Education

Behind each screen of online education, there is a student with a unique background and abilities. This panel investigates problems and suggests solutions towards more inclusive and accessible e-learning systems that include and accommodate all students.

Rethinking Learning Towards Education 4.0

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), educational systems should prepare the future workforce for a rapidly-changing world. This panel discusses ways of enhancing the design and delivery of teaching and learning through 4IR technologies. Innovation-based education and personalized adaptive learning are among many novel approaches to be addressed.

GTEL 2023

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